It takes something special to be a Bandol.

At Bandol, it has taken many years between deciding to plant a hectare of vines and the tasting of the first bottle.

Red wines require no less than 8 years before the first AOC vintage is produced, which is followed by a minimum of 18 months ageing in barrels, required for its approval.

As early as June, the “green harvest” lightens the burden on the vine: the excess bunches are ruthlessly cut off to leave only the best bunches and to limit the yield!

The grapes are picked by hand to obtain the best selection of grapes directly from the foot of the vine.

It is known at Bandol that soils with limited yields avoid the dilution of aromas and allow the wine to reveal its full richness and flavours.

While the AOC decree of 1941 limits production to 40 hectolitres per hectare, the wine-growers are even stricter still, with yields rarely exceeding 35 hectolitres per hectare.

Finally, it should be noted that, in accordance with the Appellation decree, the vinification of Bandol wines prohibits chaptalization as well as any enrichment or concentration operation, even within the limits of the legal prescriptions in force.

The Provençal sun aids their development. Excellence comes at a price.
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